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Sifnos - General Information

Representing the beauty of the Cyclades, Sifnos fascinates the traveler from the first moment.

Its distinctive atmosphere is memorable to all those who visit. An island with such natural beauty and traditional character never fails to impress.
Pristine beaches, villages typical of the Cycladic style, and countless chapels scattered all over the island are all good reasons to choose Sifnos for your vacation. The hospitality of the people immediately puts you at your ease. Sifnos is the perfect choice for relaxation, but also has many options for exploration and fun. Come to Sifnos and discover the reasons why it is the first choice of many travelers.
It’s the holiday you deserve to experience!

Kamares - Agia Marina

The name Kamares (ancient "arch”, or “vaulted roof") came from the many caves that were previously on the rocky south coast of the bay.

These caves are now occupied as homes, shops and "wires", underground storerooms, into which boats are dragged in the winter to protect them from bad weather.
Kamares has been the biggest coastal village and harbor of Sifnos since the end of last century. The central settlement unfolds on the right side of the inlet that forms the bay of Kamares. Here is the pier of the harbor, travel agencies, shops, grocery stores, restaurants, pastry shops, pottery workshops, hotels and rented rooms, car and motorbike rentals, newspaper kiosk, the camping ground, and on the western fringes of the settlement are the mansions of affluent people.
Opposite again, at the foot of Mount St. Simeon, is the district of Agia Marina, with taverns and rented rooms (including our apartment complex). The two arms of the harbor which separate the sea, are linked by the golden sandy beach in the cove.
The beach of Kamares was first awarded with the European Union’s “Blue Flag” in 2002, having satisfied the criteria of the program (safety and cleanliness).